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January 27, 2004



Teresa? My faithful commenter, Teresa? And you didn't tell me you were starting a blog?

Ooohhhh...the humanity! ;-)

JD Mays

Another border collie person! I too have a border collie. Fortunately she's still pretty young. (4 yo) The main drawback to that is when it's snowy and cold outside she still expects us to go out and play with her just as if it were 72 and sunny.
You can see her here if you're interested:

I wish your border collie many more happy years, even if she isn't quite as quick as she once was.


I've got a border collie, too. She's forever walking around with something in her mouth, requesting that it be thrown frequently and with vigor.


Welcome! You are off to a nice start.

LeeAnn said you were finally coming out
after getting up to speed by commenting on other blogs.
I think that is how most of us got started.

Just keep writing from the heart and they will
continue to visit you.

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