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January 29, 2004


Madfish Willie

How the hell did you miss TEXAS? Get your ass down here right now!


No Texas?


I knew there was a reason you're so smart... you've managed to avoid West Virginia, Kentucky, and Ohio. Prolonged exposure to any of those places tends to suck the smart out of you like a cheerleader can suck the shiny out of vaseline.
I'm allowed to say that, because I am a tri-state area escapee.
However, I was never a cheerleader. (unceasing gag reflex)


Why can't I see the image on your blog or on Pam's? Bummer!


Hmmm - I wonder if the server is over burdened with all the bloggers linking to it *G*.

As for Texas - I've only ever been in the DFW airport. So, I don't really count that as being in Texas. My husband used to go down there quite often on business (the San Antonio area) but I wasn't able to go with him because the kids were too young to leave home alone (and then they were too old to leave home alone...). One day I'll have to get down there. Along with the eleventi-million other places I want to go too *G*.


You went to Vermont and you didn't step across the line into New Hampshire!? I would have been happy to get out my whip and chair to keep the trolls away. *G* Of course there is always chocolate cake........


Since I only drove thru NH I didn't count that. I never stayed there - and I didn't know you at the time *G* this was about 20 years ago - LOL.

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