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January 30, 2004





That pic actually looks like a morph of kerry and edwards. yuk.

I agree with you totally! Who gives a crap what race or sex they are as long as they will do the job that I want them to do. Or think they'll do until they start making Medicare reforms and immigration policy changes. :/

Dewayne Mikkelson

Hi Teresa -

I do agree with you.
However, How do most people who vote truly figure out who they are going to vote for?

Most people would rather watch the SuperBowl than do any thinking about politics. One of the recurring terms for most of the voting public I have heard from many of the Corporate Media Heads is "Joe Six Pack".

At this point in time unless people are willing to spend a large amount of time digging through all of the Political jargon it is very tough to find what the candidates really stand for.

Even more important what will they REALLY DO once they have been elected.

For most of the "Joe Six Packs" in the world sometimes looks is as far as they get. I agree it is sad but at least they will still get out and vote and maybe someday in the future they will get motivated or angry enough to spend some time and learn more.

I am looking forward to reading more of your blog.

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