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March 26, 2004


Madfish Willie

Teresa... Thanks for the links!

I didn't realize you were witness to the great Meow Wars! Damn, I wish I could have seen it happen myself. Must have been a hoot, I laugh my ass off every time I start reading all those headers and flames... too friggin funny!

We just installed Trickle on our group site at MuNu and I'm testing it out right now. After I get all the kinks worked out, I can put up a lot of the really neat stuff that I've tracked down.

Madfish Willie

Did you catch the Movie Penis Cascade?


Geez, Bartender, why ya gotta be talking dirty to the lady like that, asking her to catch cascading penises? You're just disgusting!

Ignore the boor, Teresa :-)

And thanks for the link :-)

Madfish Willie

There is a Movie Penis Cascade is still going in alt.alien.vampires.flonk.flonk.flonk... several threads as a matter of fact.

Madfish Willie

Here is a link to get to it:


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