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March 29, 2004



Yea, that doesn't look good to say the least. It seems as if California is just bred to be an anti-business state as of late. Whether it be the higher property taxes, the increase in gas taxes, or the regulations (more taxes) placed on different industries we just keep getting screwed. THIS is why a liberal mind towards economics gives us...


Not to mention the fact that they won't let any more power plants be built. I love that one! I guess if you pretend hard enough this actually works : if we don't build any more power plants, people will use less power... Yeah right!


No one said liberalism made sense...least not sane people...

Madfish Willie

Tell them to build some fucking power plants! Or let their eco-terrorists sit in a fucking hot dark room spanking their monkey and eating tofu. Just leave our power grid out of it or pay the ransom we will demand for them being idiots.


LOL - I think the Bartender has put it in a nutshell - a very appropriate place for most things California...

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