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March 17, 2004



I have to admit, I haven't been watching the channel 9 news lately and missed this completely.

It's been a few years since I've driven in Lake County, but I know from a few years back you couldn't even begin to study what needs to be done to correct the "road issues" with $15m. Where are their minds? - Oops, I forgot we are talking Illinois politics, aren't we! :)


Actually, it might not have been on the news. This was a Lake County thing, not a Chicago city thing, which means it doesn't get top billing or even any billing. (after all Lake County is that County full of "rich" people we have no problems...)

The funniest part was this: I saw a sign on Milwaukee Avenue in Deerfield that said "If you're sitting in traffic now, Vote Yes". Why is this funny? Milwaukee Ave. is a State Road, so Lake County taxes wouldn't change anything on Milwaukee at all!!!

Gotta love the old college try though.

Madfish Willie

I read or heard somewhere once that it cost $1,000,000 per mile for a three lane divided highway. I don't know if that's a fact or not, but it sure sounds like it could maybe get you to the grocery store and back.


Well, you have to remember that this is Illinois - one of the most corrupt states in the US. We already pay taxes out the wazoo, having some of the highest rates in the country. If they don't have the money, it's either from mismanagement or because they don't want to actually do some work to find it. Nope - it's just easier to whine about how - hey it's only $20/person per year. well, all those $20 tags add up. They've hit on me once too often - the biggest hit came last year when we had a whopping big tax raise in the school district "for the children". Nope - the roads around here haven't changed since I moved in 23 years ago - they're bad. And $15 Mil ain't gonna fix it. So I see no point in parting with any more of my money. *G*

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