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April 12, 2004


Jennifer Martinez

Well, his Dad was SF and served two tours I believe it was, in Vietnam. Tiger is also going to do some stuff around Bragg for the military families and the kids.

Jennifer Martinez sends


Yeah, I guess what I don't really get is the - semi-training thing. I'm happy that he's going to the base, especially if he's going to do some things for the military families.

I would think they'd be more impressed with him if he showed up, shook their hands, signed autographs, gave some free lessons - that kind of stuff. But then I've always had a thing against doing half baked work. It's the semi-training part that just seems so silly and almost self-serving to me.

The rest doesn't bother me at all. Especially that he wants to know what his dad did in the service. I find that commendable.

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