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April 29, 2004



It's just unbelievable that they could find anything "more important" than this meeting. After all the soundbites about "George Bush is stonewalling the commission", then they get their chance and...

These guys just give me a migraine.


Actually I've gotten past the point of migraines - now I'm beginning to find them vastly amusing. I think Comedy Central is the turning point for me.

After all, if you go on CC you want people to think you're funny - right? If looked at in that context, the entire Commission hearing thing takes on an entirely new light.


Oh crap.

I just clicked the link. I thought you meant he just dropped by the CC studio & chatted, I didn't realize he actually participated on the show.

Wow. That's a "new light" all right.

I... forget it. Words fail me. These guys are just...


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