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May 20, 2004



Judging by the gratuitous tacking on of a reference to nekkid people, I must conclude that I've been a bad influence upon you. I apologize for corrupting your otherwise clean and innocent soul ;-)



Madfish Willie

Shut your pie-hole Harvey... until you have something interesting to say.


LOL! Have I inspired this one, Teresa? *g* I feel compelled now to write an apology to everyone I ever accused of sending viruses to me...

I did, in my own typical manner, delete the return email from the postmaster telling me my virus couldn't be delivered. *sigh*

But if it's of any interest to anyone, the details are as follows:

The subject: Re: your order

The body: Thanks!

The attachment: details05_8.zip


LOL - I hadn't heard about your virus problems when I wrote this one Jay. The inspiration for this post came from the security email that was talking about AV vendors and their loathsome practice of sending out those stupid warnings. *G*


Ahh - I'm such a heathen that I don't have AV software installed, so I don't get them...which may be a positive, or I'd be perpetually running scans. *g*

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