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May 18, 2004


Madfish Willie

OK... I went over and beat the crap out of him just for you.


Wow! 500,000! My website hit 1,425 on it's two month anniversary today and I thought that was pretty good.

I'll definitely click over and give him a hit (but is this cheating :-)


LOL - thanks Bartender, you are such a sweetie. *G*

Keith - I get "traffic" from a couple of posts I've done that people seem to keep googling. As soon as the election is over - that traffic will go completely out the window. I'm not quite sure how many regular readers I have, but that's okay, the ones who come by all the time are great.

As for Robert, he's just a truly excellent blogger so I keep going back to read his stuff.


Loyal Reader #3 says:

I'm far too bitterly jealous of his well-deserved success to give him any more traffic.

Although I may have accidentally clicked the link by mistake...


Harvey... never mind ROFLMAO!!!


And now, clicking the link gives the following message:

Site Owner, Please contact your support center for assistance.

Harvey, what have you done?!


Wow! You're right Tony! Robert has entered the forbidden land... Harvey?


Looks like he fought off Harvey and he's back now *G*


Spreading chaos wherever I go :-)

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