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May 26, 2004



Personally, I think you nailed it, Teresa.


Thank you, I thought it came together nicely. :-)


This puts me in mind of a science fiction story I once read (by Asimov, I think) where some blue collar sewer-worker needs a new shovel but his request gets turned down. So he talks his way up the bureaucratic chain of command up to the big cheese, and then gets sent down a diffent chain of people that the big guys use as advisors. Eventually he winds up in a basement office talking to some fourth-level assistant clerk whose offhand comment got passed up & over to become the reason for the turn-down. (The happy ending was that the shovel-guy managed to get the clerk's job :-)

This writer you speak of is the clerk in the basement of the halls of media power.

Madfish Willie

Meh... no gravitas! Tell Harvey to shut his pie-hole.

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