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May 28, 2004



Well shoot - I just went to MT. Now you tell me


No - in this case it's not an MT problem. It's a server problem (they are server providers too). So, although some have run into problems with MT - I haven't had any problems with the MT posting.

My problem has been with things like - I can't even get to my page! Or posting a comment takes roughly forever. That kind of thing. I'm just saying it needs fixing. And if it doesn't get fixed, I'll go where I don't have these problems. I mean - I should be able to click the link to my own page and have it load up!

Madfish Willie

Let's see if we can find a room for you over at MuNuviana!


MuNu's pretty good. Once the lobotomy takes hold, you can't even remember what life was like before the move.

[drools slightly]


Seems like things are going pretty smoothly again...

Jennifer Martinez

Have a look at Lockergnome.net

Jennifer Martinez sends

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