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June 04, 2004



I so feel your pain! (Right now, literally!)

If you need any hits with wallpaper removal let me know - I've done more than my fair share.

I'm glad you have someone else doing the painting - that is the closest thing to hell I know. :)

Hang in there - if I can get moved you can get thru this. Promise! (BTW - movers came today and loaded up. Tomorrow is the big unload. Tuesday I leave for Miami for a week. Home 3 days and then up to Chicago. Not sure when I'll unpack, but at least everything will be in one place!)


LOL - well the wallpaper came off fairly easily, it's all that wall washing to get the residual paste off that is making me so annoyed right now.

Glad you finally got the movers to do their thing. I have the utmost respect for the military who move their families on a regular basis. I don't mind going to the different places, I just wish it didn't involve quite so much work... OTOH we could be doing this in covered wagons, so I guess I should shut up now.


"we could be doing this in covered wagons"....

You mean there's an alternative? Shit - no wonder it took so damn long!!!

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