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June 13, 2004



Wired News has been reporting problems with electronic voting machines for at least six months (if not longer). I think AP is just finally noticing and saying it's now "relevant". That's the problem with profit driven news services, they don't report on things until they decide they're "relevant" enough to capture the eyeballs to look at the advertisements.

At least Wired News was raising the alarm (not just in Florida, but in California and elsewhere) long ago. A voting system with no audit trail is frightening, even discounting deliberate fraud. Given how unstable every computer and network I deal with are, a hardcopy audit trail should be a mandatory part of ANY voting system, even one designed to "eliminate the need for recounts".


On the bright side, I seriously doubt that this election will be close enough for the voting machine problems to be cited as the reason for the Democratic loss, even by the barkingest of moonbats.

Although I'm sure Michael Moore will make a documentary out of it :-)

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