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June 24, 2004



Fighting back curses as I sit here sweating in over 80 degree heat. Yes, at 8:30 at NIGHT!

I'm just sayin'. ;)


And I'm just so happy to be warm!! Just so you know - there's a spare room down here with your name on it!!


You guys are killing me here!!! I'm sitting in my office in sweats this morning and my hands are freezing!!!


Teresa - here's a hug to warm you up:


And don't let me catch you complaining about the heat later this summer ;-)


The only time I ever complained about the heat was about 25 years ago when we lived in Rolla, Mo while my husband was finishing college. We were in married student housing (think no money - period). We had one teeny little window air conditioner in the living room that my parents gave us. It was 103-110 for the high every day for 3 weeks and never dropped below 82 at night. By using the a/c during the day and opening the windows at night it stayed a balmy 88 round the clock. (did I mention the buildings were made of cinder blocks? you could feel the stored up heat radiate at night)

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