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July 09, 2004



You have a 25 year old daughter?

Judging by you, I'm guessing she's also a scorching hottie ;-)

And what's up with her not reading blogs? Doesn't it bother her that her own mom is hipper & trendier than she is.

Maybe you should work on getting me a bloggranddaughter :-)


ROFL!!! At the moment she works about 100 hours a week, but she just got a new job, so that should change. In about 2 weeks she'll suddenly have more time, so she might get online to do more than check her email! As for blogging... sorry, I can't think of anything she'd find more boring - snork! She's not much like me at all.

Oh yeah - and she's much much cuter than I am.


Teresa - I'm calling "BULLSHIT!" on the "much much" part.

Also a strong "probably not" on the cuter part.

And don't be too quick to say "she'd never blog". I seem to recall you needed a little salesmanship yourself at one point. I guess you're probably right about it not being something she'd dive into overnight, though. So just plant a few seeds. Send her a blog link here & there, and let the joy of discovery take its course.

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