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July 13, 2004



The carpet people didn't haul it away?? That's strange... I thought disposing of the old stuff was part of the deal.

At least you have a van and didn't have to pay someone else or rent a truck... ;)


Oh and don't forget about the dust mites. Yucky aweful looking critters. Good Riddance. (too tired to check spelling, but you get my drift!)


Pam - the carpet people do take it away... If you want to pay the big bucks - they're much more expensive than the regular trash guys, even if you have to schedule a special pick up.

But you see, up until now, you've always been able to put properly cut up, rolled carpet out at the curb and it got hauled with the usual stuff on trash day. So, why would you pay extra when they'll just take it with the regular stuff.

Now, suddenly, they don't do that anymore! And there was no notice that I ever heard about!!! No mailing saying they don't take this, that or the other thing. That's what really pissed us off. *sigh*

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