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July 01, 2004



Thank you Teresa!!!! You're a) either awfully sweet or b) very easily amused.

I suspect that it's both. ;-)

Thanks again and yes, please feel free to stop by any time. Hopefully you won't be too disappointed?



Oh My Goodness - that is EXACTLY how this last move went for me! Either she had my house wired or she is really really good!! I'm assuming she really good - otherwise she'd be permenently scared.

Thanks for the link - looks like a wonderful new addition to the blogshere.


It was the packing the books that really got me. I was ROFLMAO!!! But the entire thing is just so true I was laughing through the whole thing.


Gotta agree on the books part. It really cheeses me off the way they never fit in the box, no matter what size box you have.

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