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July 08, 2004



Honestly, I just left that article to see what you had to say today!!

As soon as I saw the headline I knew it was one of those "well, we better remind everyone we're still here and still focused" kinda things. It's a shame they have to do that, but if we learned anything from the 9/11 commission, it's that we had better continue to let the public know that there is a danger, yes, they are working at containing that danger, but it still exists.


It's interesting to note that quite a few people were asking "Why didn't you warn us?" shortly after 9-11. And some of those were making political hay over the responses. My opinion is, the government will now issue warnings no matter who is in office for the "duration" of the war on terror simply to avoid being thought of as "not paying attention."

And of course to demonstrate to any potential attorney's looking for a class action suit that "due diligence" was being performed.


Actually Mark, the press is in heaven with this. They can have it both ways. If any announcements are made by Ridge or Ashcroft about heightened security concerns, the press falls all over itself to tell us how stupid these warnings are, how they don't help the average citizen, yada, yada, yada. But as you said, just let another attack happen and without batting so much as an eyelash, they'll be all over Ridge, Ashcroft, Bush and everyone else screaming, WHY DIDN'T YOU WARN US!!!!

I wonder if the press believes no one notices these things...

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